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When Animals Attack

When I was little, whenever we’d drive to visit my family in Minnesota, or vacation in Colorado, I’d keep my eyes glued to the car window, hoping to see deer. I had a sort of fascination with them, but I never saw a single one. Yesterday while I was driving around in the country looking for a new shooting location, FOUR deer materialized out of thin air, bounding in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes and just sat there, all alone on an empty country road, heart pounding, hands shaking. A huge animal and her three huge babies had just thrown themselves in front of my vehicle. This is not something that happens every day. I looked out the window of my car and saw mama deer peering at me suspiciously from the cornfield. I continued driving at a cautious 10 miles an hour, but a few minutes later, I decided to abandon my search for the country location, turned around and headed back into Lincoln. I just couldn’t handle seeing another psycho deer.

I’d recuperated by this morning, so I decided to try again. But once I got outside the city limits, I got this vaguely paranoid feeling, the type of feeling you get when you’re walking alone in a quiet part of the city at night. I turned onto a road that I thought would lead me to my destination, but it turned out to be a dead-end. Just as I was turning around to head back the other way, there they were- four more deer, including a male. Instantly, I could feel another deer-induced panic-attack coming on. I’m sorry, but any wild animal with two gigantic weapons growing out of his head is creepy. This time they weren’t recklessly jumping in front of my car, so I had the presence of mind to grab my phone and try to get some pictures. All I was able to get with my shaky hands was this incredibly lame, blurry photo that does not even begin to demonstrate how close these creatures were to me. And I didn’t get anything of the daddy deer. He ran off, evidently not caring to stay around and protect his family.

So all throughout my childhood, I wanted to see deer, and in the past two days, I’ve seen eight. And now I officially have a phobia of deer. I have a shoot coming up in a forest area near the country, and I’m praying, please God, keep the deer away. I don’t know what I’ll do if I see one and I’m not safely inside my car…